Wednesday, August 25, 2010

And the Countdown Continues.

Is it Wednesday? I think it is. That means only 3 more days to go. And I have to leave early today to run my son to the dentist. So what's on your mind today? I'd love to hear. Tell me anything. Even about your own new or upcoming releases. Or tell me about a good review you received. For all you readers out there, tell me about a good book you read or what's next in your TBR pile. The sky is the limit.

Have a great day everyone. I'm off.



  1. What an open invite! I love your graphic. I hope all goes well with your son at the dentist.

    Here's my bit of promo though...

    Confessions and a Cassock

    by Nix Winter
    copyright 2010
    All Rights Reserved

    Read this story:

    He had red hair, fine golden copper, dark green eyes. He'd been a runner in college, strong and fast. Black suited him. His slacks lay perfectly over a firm ass, the little white at his throat that promised he was a decent and upstanding man, a servant of God.

    And he was.

    Monday through Friday he taught at Saint Sarah's Academy. Sundays he worked in the parish, counseling and genuinely caring for people. He'd watched children, built fences, milked cows, changed tires, and read letters to people. God called him to be a servant of men, and he was.

    There were some thoughts to wrestle with though. When he'd been a younger man, back in his college days, he known an uninhibited brunet who had made him wonder what path he wanted for his life.

    It was Saturday. The questions always came back.

    The brunet had become a lawyer. The brunet's name was August Richards.

    Father Anderson knew that he shouldn't have been in the chapel. He shouldn't have been fussing over everything, watching the candles, watching the door. He shouldn't be licking his lips. His heart shouldn't have fluttered when a familiar figure cut between the sunlight outside and the cool order in the chapel. Father Anderson forgot how to breath.

    August wore a gray suit, impeccable. Power and confidence.

    Father Anderson wasn't sure his old friend wasn't just the devil incarnate and like the devil he was too beautiful to look away from.

    August strode down the center isle towards a frozen Anderson.

    The distance between them became thin as a wafer.

    "Today." August said.