Tuesday, August 24, 2010

4 More Days To Go

We are one day closer to the release of Say it Again.

Today I want to talk about characters. I know everyone has been asked what they like in a main character. But I want to know about secondary characters. What do you like about them, don't like about them. When do you need them and when don't you. And what about secondary characters and subplots? Do you like them?

I ask because of a book I read recently. It had a certain secondary character in it with a subplot that I felt was underdeveloped and only used when the author needed to interject a line here or there. It felt as if the author intended to develop it, but, in the mist of writing, let it fall to the wayside. It really didn't make sense to be in there and it had no baring on the story whatsoever, except to place the secondary character in a location at a certain time in the story. I know that doesn't make much sense, but I refuse to give away the story or bash the author. I just want to know how everyone else feels about secondary characters. I have no problems with them popping in and out of a story to help the plot along. But I feel if there is a subplot going on with them, then they need to be developed and the subplot fleshed out.

Tell me what you think. Or just leave me a hello to be entered to win.


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  1. I love secondary characters. Have been told sometimes mine get a little too much limelight...but some "friends" are like that, right? Noisier and a bit more attention-grabbing than their counterparts, regardless of whose story it is. To me, a story is more rounded with secondaries.