Monday, April 5, 2010

WIP Complete

I finished the new WIP over the weekend. I had typed the last period a few days before, but I still needed to go back and fill in a few spots that needed researching. After that was done, I felt like the WIP was really complete.

That's when the "day after" hits me. (Today!) I spend a day after I have completed a WIP in total bliss or void. It's like I have nothing to do writing wise. I am complete.

It will hit me tomorrow that I have to write the synopsis, but I prefer to live in ignorance for the rest of the night. One good thing about this WIP is that I know where I want to submit it, so the document was formatted to house rules as I wrote it. Usually I just write the story that is calling to me and then I search for a home.

This time I wrote the story for a certain line I'm hoping to crack. Maybe it'll be a winner and I'll be contracted. If not, I'll have to shop it around. Either way, I really like this story. Okay, maybe I love the hero, but what woman doesn't go weak in the knees from an Irish accent? Yum!

I'll be sure to let everyone know what happens with the submission. In the meantime, I think my next WIP will be a mystery under my other pen name. We'll see. I have to do some research for that book on molten rock. Fun, fun. But it's the second book in a series, so I need to get cracken.

Jasmine - who hates she has no pictures to post with this entry


  1. Congrats on your finished WIP! Woohoo. Now the dreaded synopsis. Hope it's not too bad. :)

  2. I know what you mean about the Irish accent. We watched PS I Love You this past weekend and YUM! Congrats on getting to "the end".