Saturday, April 10, 2010

Procrastination Taken to a New Level

I think I have out done myself this time. Instead of writing my synopsis last night like I know I need to, I wrote an 800 word short story and the cover letter for it to send off to a magazine. Okay, now I know the synopsis is only supposed to be two pages long, roughly the same length as the short story. So why couldn't I have written an 800 word synopsis? Why do they feel so daunting? I just need to write it. I could have had two or three paragraphs written by the time I wrote this blog.

What are you procrastinating about?

Jasmine - ugh! Another post without a picture.


  1. I procrastinate on my synopsis's, too! I send my query to all the agents that don't require one first. hehe Good luck with yours :)

  2. I'm rather procrastinating making my To Do list, because I know it's going to look scary. So instead I kinda flit around from one thing to another until I remember yet something else I've gotta get done. Usually things get caught up over the weekend, but this time I did no writing stuff and very little editing tasks, so now I'm up to my silver roots in "Must Do Now"s. :) And hey, at least you were productive while procrastinating. It's not like you played Solitaire instead of writing the synopsisisiss. Happy Monday!