Thursday, March 11, 2010

Where to get an eBook

So now that you know what an ebook is and how to read one, you need to know where to get them.

There are many places to get ebooks. The two best places are online stores and the publishers website. Online stores have more choices because they carry many different publishers just like brick and mortar stores. But buying through a publisher cuts out the middle man and gives the author more royalties.

I like to buy from the publisher to help support authors more. (Contrary to popular belief, most authors don't make huge amounts off books. Especially ebooks as most authors are not big named.)

There are a lot of online stores and probably many I've never even heard of. But I'll list the ones I know. (Remember, I write romance so most of these places will deal with romance books but might carry other genres.)

Barnes and Noble
All Romance eBooks
Palm Store

Again, you can also buy books right from the publisher's online store.

Lyrical Press
Ellora's Cave
Loose ID
Samhain Publishing
The Wild Rose Press
Eternal Press
Cobblestone Press
FIDO Publishing
Amber Quill Press
Black Lyon Publishing
Cerridwen Press
Echelon Press Publishing
Breathless Press
Freya's Bower
Red Rose Publishing
Total E-bound
Gypsy Shadow Publishing
Shadow Fire Press
Pink Petal Books

Some authors might even have an online store on their websites. I have never bought an ebook this way, but you can.

If there is someplace you'd like to add to the list, be my guest and leave it in the comments. I'm sure I left someone out, but this is a pretty long list.


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  1. Here are a few more retailers: Books on Board, CyberRead, the Sony store, Coffee Time Romance and More