Friday, March 19, 2010

Eye Catching Cover

Another beautiful cover.

Outlaw Trail by Stacey Coverstone
Cover Art by Trisha FitzGerald
Published by Champagne Books

I searched the web for Trisha FitzGerald, but I came up empty. No web page for the artist. If anyone has it, please paste it in the comments. This cover is just stunning.


At nineteen, Josie Hart has lived a hard life on her New Mexican farm. A cryptic letter gives her a chance to change all that and guides her on a perilous journey toward freedom. But, there are others who want what she’s after, and will stop at nothing to get it.Grey Paladin seeks justice after having had his fortune stolen out from under him. He’ll do whatever it takes to retrieve what’s rightfully his and reunite with the only family he has left. That is, until a feisty girl stands in his way.When Josie and Grey form an uncertain partnership, they must battle outlaws, nature, and each other while riding two hundred miles of dangerous trail to reach their destination. What they discover at the end is something that’s been sorely lacking in both their lives—leading them each to rethink what the future holds.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Costume of the Month

Love this garden faerie costume. Adorable. And since it's St. Patrick's Day I thought I'd go with something green to add to the closet. Don't like the shoes so much and I'd have to add the stockings. Still, cute, sexy and no tummy hanging out. I mean how many women after having a baby really want to show that off? But if you can, you go girl!


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Last Day

Today is the last day of Read an eBook Week and the last day to get my stories on sale. Marital Affair is still free today at smashwords and All for an Angel is 50% off.

I hope everyone stocked up on free reads this past week. If so, happy reading.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Where to get an eBook

So now that you know what an ebook is and how to read one, you need to know where to get them.

There are many places to get ebooks. The two best places are online stores and the publishers website. Online stores have more choices because they carry many different publishers just like brick and mortar stores. But buying through a publisher cuts out the middle man and gives the author more royalties.

I like to buy from the publisher to help support authors more. (Contrary to popular belief, most authors don't make huge amounts off books. Especially ebooks as most authors are not big named.)

There are a lot of online stores and probably many I've never even heard of. But I'll list the ones I know. (Remember, I write romance so most of these places will deal with romance books but might carry other genres.)

Barnes and Noble
All Romance eBooks
Palm Store

Again, you can also buy books right from the publisher's online store.

Lyrical Press
Ellora's Cave
Loose ID
Samhain Publishing
The Wild Rose Press
Eternal Press
Cobblestone Press
FIDO Publishing
Amber Quill Press
Black Lyon Publishing
Cerridwen Press
Echelon Press Publishing
Breathless Press
Freya's Bower
Red Rose Publishing
Total E-bound
Gypsy Shadow Publishing
Shadow Fire Press
Pink Petal Books

Some authors might even have an online store on their websites. I have never bought an ebook this way, but you can.

If there is someplace you'd like to add to the list, be my guest and leave it in the comments. I'm sure I left someone out, but this is a pretty long list.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

How to Read an eBook

If you read yesterday's post, I explained what an ebook is. Now you might be asking how you read one. There are lots of ways.

First, you can read one right on your computer or laptop. No need for fancy devices. If you have Adobe -a free software(usually called PDF)- you can read them right on your computer. Or you can read download them and read them on the internet using HTML. This is not my favorite way to read an ebook, but it can be done. I find that if the story is short enough and the publisher only grants these two options, then I can live with it.

Second, after you have downloaded your PDF or HTML copy of your book, you could print it out. This however gets expensive when you pay for ink.

Third is to download your ebook to some form of ereader device. This might be an ereader or another device that allows ereading applications. This is my favorite way to read books.

I started out reading ebooks on the computer. This didn't last long for me as I like to get comfortable when I read. Most people do. So I got a Personal Digital Assistant(PDA) - a handheld computer or personal organizer. These are devices like the Palm. I got the Palm TX a few years ago. This worked okay. You could load PDF copies of ebooks and read them with a back light. As a writer, I could also write books on the Palm and the transfer the data to my home computer. But this was a bit complicated with the software I had on it. I ended up having to reformat everything I wrote. Maybe I just didn't understand it. The PalmTX software didn't support all forms of ebooks either, so some books were unreadable. I have since learned that I need to add a different software to my computer to change the format to a Palm readable format and then load to my Palm. Huh? Right. I want simple.

Palm has now moved into the field of cell phone/PDAs. I've never owned one of these, but I'd have to think the software is better now and might be an still be an option for ebook reading. This all depends on what you want from your ereader and/or phone. Other phones offer ereading applications that you can download to the phone and load ebooks to. Phones like the iPhone, Blackberry or Android have these capabilities. Even the iPod touch. So you might be able to download a free ap for your phone without buying a true ereader. Try for software. Many readers might want to go this route instead of spending a huge amount on a reader device.

Now that my palm is kaput and I do a lot of ebook reading, I have a Sony ereader. There are lots of different ereaders on the market, but their main function is so you can read books on them. Their screens are bigger and they hold more information. I won't get into the differences in ereaders in this post as there is too much information for that. But I will give you a list of some different readers.

An ereader is the way to go if you read a lot of ebooks and you need a bigger screen to see. I foresee ereaders adding more aps to them like phones are adding reading aps. I can make notes on mine, it has the date and time, search and book mark features, MP3 player and photos.

Still haven't downloaded an ebook this week? What are you waiting for? Not sure where to buy them? Come back tomorrow and I'll tell you the "where".


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March 7-13 Read an eBook Week

This week is read an ebook week.

What's an ebook? I still get this question from family and friends when they find out I'm published in the ebook world.

An ebook is a digital book. Instead of having to go to a brick and mortal store, you can shop online, pick out a book, purchase it, download it and read it all from your house in your pjs. Yep, that's the best part for me - not having to get dressed. But not only that, the possibilities open up. No longer do you have to order a book if your store doesn't have it in stock or scour ebay. Or what if you want an older, out of print book. Hours of searching used book stores or libraries are in the past. Most of these books can be found right on the internet in ebook format.

There are ebooks in all genres and lengths these days. The demand for ebooks are highest among romance and erotica books, but many more genres are gaining ground. This is mostly due to the increased ways to read an ebook, but I won't go into that in this post.

Plus, an ereader can store hundreds of books. No more packing three of four books to go on that vacation. Forget shopping at the small airport bookshop for something to read on the trip home because you didn't pack enough reading material. You could have hundreds of books at your fingertips all on the same device.

Have I sold you on ebooks yet?

If not, maybe you'll like the fact that trees aren't being killed to print books that will end up in landfills. Or maybe you'd like the fact that you can get rid of that stack of 500 books in the corner of your spare bedroom. Maybe you'll find the benefit in kids and college students being able to carry one device with all their textbooks on it and save their backs.

Still not on board? That's okay. Don't get me wrong, people still want to read print books. I get it. And libraries certainly have their place, but even they are starting to carry ebooks. No more lost books for them or late charges. After having your ebook checked out for so many days, it will disappear from your ereader.

Now if you can't tell, I really support ebooks. Which is why, if you haven't read one I encourage you to read one this week. I've even added covers of some really good books by a few different authors. Many places like Smashwords is hosting a huge sale this week. Books are as much as 100% off. Yes free. While others are 25%, 50% or 75% off. With deals like this, what are you waiting for?


Sunday, March 7, 2010

I'm an EPIC's eBook Award Winner!

The Electronically Published Internet Connection (EPIC) eBook Awards were held in New Orleans over the weekend And I'm a winner.

If you don't know anything about EPIC, they are a professional organization created to give a voice to epublishing. Published or contracted authors in ebook or print can join. Every year they hold a conference and a banquet at the end to award the winners.

I was excited in November when the list came out and an anthology with one of my stories was nominated for best Anthology Erotic Romance/ Erotica and Contributors. Ever since then I have tried not to think about the outcome, but the time has come and I am very happy.

The anthology is Coming Together: Against the Odds and my story in it is called Missing Pieces. The entire book has a mystery theme and all proceeds to go Autism Speaks. This call for submissions really spoke to me as my step-son is autistic and I am very proud to be a part of this wonderful project.

You can purchase a copy of this award winning book at the following locations.

I want to think everyone who made the selections this year. I want to congratulate all my fellow authors in this anthology. And also congratulate the other anthology finalist.

Anthology Erotic Romance/ Erotica and Contributors

  • Bittersweet: Stories of Tainted Erotica by Amber Hipple—Logical-Lust Publications
  • Coming Together: Against the Odds by Alessia Brio (Editor), Maxim Jakubowski, Giselle Renarde, Angela Caperton, Ella Regina, Andrea Dale, Gregory L. Norris, Kathleen Bradean, Alicia Night Orchid, G.S. Wiley, Jasmine Black, Brenna Lyons, Moondancer Drake, Eva Batonne, and Teresa Noelle Roberts—Phaze Books
  • Sapphistocated by Kathryn Lively (Editor), Alessia Brio, Jolie du Pre, Yeva Wiest, and Beth Wylde—Phaze Books


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lingerie of the Month


You can't go wrong with a classy, black chemise. I just love the lacy hearts. This is one I would wear again and again.

It's a pity though, I lost the link to it. I thought it was at Lingerie Diva, but I can't find it there. A lot of online stores sell the same pieces, but I've search the net and have come up empty. I guess it will have to stay in my online closet.


Lingerie Closet

Costume Closet