Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Next Big Trend in Writing?

Cell phone novels? It seems they're pretty big in Japan and China right now with young people, but what are they?

"Novels" written and set out in text messages. Chapters contain about 70-100 words each and each chapter is sent out one at a time. You can find them for free in English at textnovel, but some of these are being made into books. One 15 year-old Japanese girl has made over $600,000 with her book.

Maybe reading is not a dying pastime for the next generation. It's just taking on a new form.

Read the article here.



  1. Interesting article. Not sure if I can condense my writing into such short bursts. Definetly food for thought when you think about what she made. Wow.

  2. I think it would take me longer to write one than a novel, seeing how I can't text.

  3. God. I was trying to figure out what the heck you girls were talking about yesterday! I can see this working for teens, but it wouldn't have to be written on a cell phone, only sent in small blips as text messages.