Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

2010! Life sure does pass one by. Especially when one is on muscle relaxers.

Bringing in the new year is suppose to be about new beginnings and changes. Well I don't plan to have any new beginnings. Well, none for a while. What I want is an end. A few ends really. Ends to all the new beginning stories I have on my computer. I know, that will probably change, but right now I want to finish my WIPP and maybe drag out some other stories and shape them up to ship them off.

My current WIPP is at 24k now. I squeezed in a couple Ks in the last week. The goal is to be complete with this WIPP by Feb 14.

I have a new story coming out scheduled for May 10 right now. It seems so far away. It's called 0 to 69 in 5 Minutes. It will be released by eXcessica. I'm excited about that. The authors at eXcessica seem to be a lively and fun bunch. They also have a new website they released today and a new bookstore. How fun is that?

My review site is growing all the time. We went over the 1,000 visitors mark. We have new things planned for 2010. Since the Christmas special went over so well, we want to hold a Valentine's special too. So if you have a published Valentine story and would like a review, get it to us. We are going to start a reader voted book of the quarter. Books that are rated t least 5 hearts will be in the running. Also, we opened our doors and are looking for reviewers.

I still have All for an Angel on sale for .99 at Smashwords until Jan 10. Be sure to grab your copy and use the coupon code GL28P.

Gabe Hawkins has dreamed of Amy Bradshaw since junior high, but a game of revenge from his twin smashed those dreams when Lou seduced Amy, impregnating her. Amy wants Gabe. But having Gabe in her bed would cost her custody of Angel. Gabe’s persistence is wearing Amy down. She agrees to one night together to live out her fantasies. Will her fantasies force her into an unbearable reality?

I'm looking forward to great 2010.


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