Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Special

Get your copy of All for an Angel at the discounted price of .99 from now until Jan 10, 2010! Just use the coupon code GL28P when you check out.


Gabe Hawkins has dreamed of Amy Bradshaw since junior high, but a sick game of revenge from his identical twin Lou smashed those dreams when Lou seduced Amy and impregnated her. Amy is a woman who knows what she wants, Gabe. But having Gabe in her bed would cost a price she can’t afford to pay, custody of her daughter Angel. Threats from Lou force Amy to resist Gabe. For five years the threats have worked, but Gabe’s persistence is wearing Amy’s resolve thin. Finally, she agrees to one night with Gabe to live out her fantasies. But will her fantasies force her into an unbearable reality?


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