Sunday, August 16, 2009

Book Trailer Day

Today's book trailer from Piper Denna comes with a bonus! Two trailers and a website made just for your fantasies. Titled Fantasy Mountain, this is one hot book available from Sinful Moments Press that I got the privilege to review for Dark Diva Reviews.


Fantasy Mountain - the resort where no want is too wacky, no urge too unusual, no passion too peculiar.

Meet the owners:
On her remote ranch, Victoria has built a world-renowned business with her ability to create any sexual scenario requested. She has it all; power, money, independence. The only other thing she wants is the one she knows she’ll never have, and he works just down the hall.

Brett has all but given up hope of breaching the wall around Victoria’s heart. In fact, he’s engaged to be married back in London in only two months. But he knows Victoria has desires; he’s seen them firsthand. When one night of passion rekindles old feelings, can he finally fulfill the ultimate fantasy of the woman who’s made it her mission to satisfy everyone’s desires but her own?

Whatever the erotic dream, it can come true at Fantasy Mountain.

The People

The Resort


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