Friday, July 31, 2009


So what has happened this month?

I think the big thing is MMP shutting their doors. I was never paid one cent for the stories I sold. I have not been contacted by the owner and I don't expect I ever will.

In light of all the bad news about MMP, I did something good for others. I cut my hair and donated it. Just because some people in this world have to be cruel and take advantage of others doesn't mean I have to. So about 11 inches of hair was cut and will be donated to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. I chose this charity because I wanted to honor a lady who I work with (on my evil day job) who is battling cancer. So in honor of Jane, I said bye-bye to my hair.

Speaking of charity, I have two stories out with Coming Together . The first one is called The Journey Home and it is in Coming Together: Al Fresco. I know I've talked about this one before and even did a contest for the book. But the second one came out in print right before MMP so I haven't had time to do much promo on it.

The second story is called Missing Pieces and is in Coming Together: Against the Odds. I'm very proud of this story for the charity it will benefit Autism Speaks. Autism is very close to my heart since my step-son is autistic. I also think my story rocks in this anthology. (blush) So go out and grab yours today. It's for a very good cause.

From the response of the poll, I see that no one would buy an ezine. I think with everything on my mind the last few weeks, it didn't occur to me to let people sign up for free and sell advertising spots to pay authors for their work. So, I might add another poll for feedback on that. But in the meantime, I am planning to open review site soon. HEART...Where Romance Begins. Right now there isn't much there, but be sure to check back and add them to your blogs to follow.

I also submitted a story with Cobblestone-Press. Waiting for the answer on that story. And hoping for a better month in August.



  1. Good luck with Cobblestone Press. Their site looks really nice! I would submit to them as well, but all of my stories are fantasy with no erotic in them.

  2. Thanks Aubrie. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.