Saturday, July 25, 2009

Eye Catching Cover

I had to change this post from the cover I had picked for yesterday. So this is coming out a day late. I had picked a cover from Mystic Moon Press, but since they are not in business anymore, I thought it was wise not to use a cover with their logo on it.

So today's (yesterday's) eye catching cover is Fortune's Honor by Jamie Craig, published by Amber Heat.


Clay Putnam has always been the responsible one in his family. He runs the family ranch, Good Fortune, by himself and takes care of his ailing mother. He is happy to make sacrifices so his brothers can follow their own dreams, especially his younger brother, Ty, a bull-rider on the professional rodeo circuit. But he leads a very lonely life, and he longs to meet a woman who could love his home, and his family, as much as he does.

Paige Murphy fell for Ty’s boyish charm and exuberance, and she agrees to spend her summer vacation at the Good Fortune Ranch while Ty follows the rodeo all over the western states. She is happy to be engaged to Ty. Until she meets his older brother. Clay is mature, thoughtful, and very attractive. She thinks he might be interested in her as well, but they resist their mutual desire out of love and respect for Ty.

Passion and a surprising tragedy, however, drives Paige into Clay’s arms, but honor, not infatuation, dictates who they are...

Genres: Contemporary / Cowboys / Western (Modern Day)
Heat Level: 2
Length: Extended Novella (36k words)


All I can say is YUM! A hot guy with a gorgeous backdrop, now this is a cover.

(I haven't read the book, so I am not endorsing it. Only the cover. However, my interest is piqued.)

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