Sunday, May 3, 2009

Shout Out Winner!

And we have a winner

I put everyone's name in a pot and let my son draw out a name. And the winner is ..........


Congrats, you have won an e-book copy of Coming Together: Al Fresco. But...

It's not over yet. I'm a softy, so I let my hubby draw another name for a consolation prize. And that winner is ..........


Congrats, you have won an e-book copy of your choice of either Marital Affair or All For an Angel.

Thank you everyone who gave me a shout out. I enjoyed this contest, so stayed tuned, I'm sure I will do this contest again in the future.


Checking In

First, I have to apologize. My internet has been down, so I have fallen behind schedule with the blog. The good news is that it is up an running now. Living in the country has the drawback of bad internet connection.

I am going to try to catch up, one day at a time. However, today was the last day for the Shout Out contest. So I am keeping schedule with it. And I'll pot it in my next post.