Monday, April 13, 2009

Fibro and Me

I've been reading some articles about fibro on Everyday Health and I realize that without the support of my husband, I could never do the things that I do. Now, I knew this before I read the articles, but they reminded me of how good he is to me.

Everyday activities that the normal person does is hard for someone with fibro and holding down a job and running a household is a huge challenge. Without my husband I could never work full-time.

Here's a look at a typical day for me.

My husband gets up and showers. Then he makes sure the kids are up and get on the bus. (My kids are 11 and 14 so they just need some prompting.) He walks the dog and wakes me up. I go through the morning in a daze. Sometimes I can think clearly, but most of the time I can't. Because of this, I keep things at my evil day job like a tooth brush and tooth paste. (Yes, this sounds nasty that I could forget to brush my teeth in the morning, but at least I know this and have taken measures to combat it.) When I'm ready to go, he grabs the cat food and feeds the outside cats. Then he drives us to work.

This is a blessing that we work at the same place. If he didn't drive me every morning I'm not sure I could make it. We work on different floors but we have lunch together everyday. After work, my husband drives us home or to the store. If we need to shop, we tackle Wal-mart with a plan. We split up and grab items on different sides of the store and work our way to each other. We inspect each others cart and make sure we didn't forget anything.

Once we are home, we carry in the bags while the kids put the groceries away. Most of the time he cooks dinner. I try to cook at least one meal a week. Sometime I cook two. I feel guilty about this because before I got sick, I had dinner on the table every night at 6. A lot of those dinners was cooked from scratch too. (I digress.)

My night consist of working on my writing in some form. Or spacing out with a computer game. The housework is done by my husband and kids. I do the laundry on the weekends. Sometimes I do the dishes or we all pitch in together to clean the kitchen or living room good.

He never complains if the wash isn't done, that he drives everywhere, cooks, cleans and get the kids off for school. Actually, the three of them have their morning routine down and I just get in the way if I'm up. He loves this time with the kids. They come to me for everything under the sun. So the morning is his time to have the kids and he loves that they would rather have him up in the morning than me. (And I'm perfectly fine to let them have it while I get some more zzzz's in.)

He's never told me my illness is in my head or that I'm just lazy. He supports me and listens to when I don't feel good. He also massages my back from time to time and tries to work the knots out of my muscles that form in people with fibro. (Sometimes I can get my daughter to, but I have to pay her.)

I am truly blessed to have my husband to walk by my side. We just celebrated our 10th anniversary on the 8th and everyday our relationship gets better and better.


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