Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Goals

This year is moving by so fast. If I don't dig my heels in and get this WIPP done I'm not sure I ever will. And that's sad really because I am about 3 chapters away for the last period. I found that looking over my goals every few days for March made me get my butt in gear and complete the tasks. Maybe it will keep me focused this month as well.

  1. Stay on my blog schedule. This month I have more trailers and a cool author website. Plus another eye catching cover. One that I fell in love with. This month's so you want to write a book will be about research.
  2. This month I'll be reviewing a longer book for Dark Diva Reviews so I might only get one done this month, but it promises to be an outstanding read.
  3. I have a story coming out this month on earth day in an anthology, so I plan to do some promoting.
  4. Submit All For An Angel for reviews.
  5. I'm planning on a contest this month- so stay tuned.
  6. The biggest one of all-FINISH my WIPP!

Wow! Now that sounds like a big list for me. It is also my 10 year anniversary this month, so one night goes all to my hubby. (Yeah okay, I have to give him another night as well since I have to go shopping for his present. UGH! What do you buy for 10 years? I all ready promised to wear a dress and heels to go out to dinner with him.)

Well, wish me luck with my goals.


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