Sunday, March 1, 2009


Wow. Feb. blew by like the wind. I did better with my schedule this month, but I still didn't post very time I should have. I did update the site with some links. I still have some more stuff to work on. And I did start chapter 4 to my WIP, I just didn't finish it. And I didn't get those 5 reviews out. I got one out, then I found out that my publisher has started offering this service. So, I'm not sure who they have sent it to.

Okay, That was my goals. Now for news. I had a release this month. It's #1 right now on the best seller list at Mystic Moon Press. Everyone can check it out at

I had a story accepted for Coming Together: Al Fresco coming out on Earth Day in April.

I got 4 Divas on Marital Affair from Dark Diva Reviews.

I also did my first author interview conducted by the very talented Amanda Young.
Drop over and check it out.

I started reviewing for Dark Diva Reviews.

Well, that about does it. I didn't finish anything new. I did start something new, but I haven't subbed anything this month. Maybe I'll feel better in March and my muse will get her butt back from Hawaii.


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