Friday, March 27, 2009

Green Idea

A lot of people are concerned about the environment these days. I have to say I am not a green freak, though I should be. However, I have taken small measures to leave a little smaller print behind. Mind you, I did say LITTLE.

What have those things been?

  1. Well, when we moved into our new home, we bought the cork screw type light bulbs. And might I say, it cost a small fortune to put them in the whole house. Well over a hundred bucks. But at my old house, and I do mean OLD, the bulbs would blow within a week. I spent so much money on light bulbs and I always had to grab a box at the store. Some of the lights in my house got so bad I just gave up changing them. I've been in my new house for about a year and we haven't changed one yet. They did take a bit to get used to but I think they are well worth it.

  2. I got dryer balls, hoping they would work. I love them. They do leave much less lint so I don't have to use tons of lint rollers (less money and waste). They also eliminate wrinkles if you get the clothes out when they are still hot. And even though it's not a great deal of time, the cut down on my drying time by 10 minutes per load on normal heat. I do have an older dryer, so they might cut down even more in a newer one. Now I tend to do wash on the weekend and all at one time. That way when I put the second load in the dryer the machine is already heated, using less energy. Plus, if I do six loads, which I usually do at least six, the 10 minutes cut down from the dryer balls saves me an hour of work.

  3. I've also started cutting off my computer monitor at night. I have no clue how much this is saving me, but it has to be something. A dear friend of mine has about seven computers in her home. She claimed that when she started shutting down all the computers (not just the monitor) at night her electric bill went down $70 a month. That's $10 a month per computer. Where I work, we started shutting off the monitors at night to save on electric. We can shut off the computer because upgrades are made at various times. Anyway, I work for the government and we have at least two hundred plus computers, maybe even three hundred. Now when you're talking about that many monitors being shut off, that's a nice chunk of change to save the taxpayers considering if every government office in the US would take this small step at the end of every day.

  4. I bought reusable shopping bags from Wal-mart. This saves a TON of plastic bags. Now, I do still get plastic bags now and then. I use them around the house in small trash cans, to scoop the litter box or clean out the car. But you can get at least three or four plastic bags of stuff in one reusable bag and it's easier to carry. Plus they sit up better in the trunk than the plastic ones. We like to see how much we can get in one bag. I think they're great.

Okay, so that's not much. I am researching places to recycle at. I did recycle when I lived in Florida, but I can't seem to find anywhere in Mississippi close since I don't live in town. Some centers are just for town residents. I think I have found a place to take clear plastic #1 and #2. While this isn't much, it's a start.

Plus my anniversary is coming up in April and I want some sort of compost container.

And the BEST green idea is to buy EBOOKS. No paper, no shipping packages or gas to use and they take up way less space.

Yes, these are all small steps but it's start. I'll have more cool ideas each month.

Tell me what you do to keep the Earth green.


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