Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Eye Grabbing Cover

This cover grabbed my eye the first moment I saw it. This sort of cover grabs my eye because I love historical. I love to see the setting and get a sense of where the story takes place. Don't get me wrong, I love to see a well oiled rock hard chest. But the cover with a great old house, castle, cabin or anything close will get first look from me.

The story sounds good too. This one might have to go on my TBR list.


Love can be so... unexpected.

In the spring of 1935, understated beauty Eva Edwards is widowed. A blessing to be sure. Having long since left England, a rare talent for music and notions of love behind, her one focus is keeping her farm and raising a child not her own—no matter the sacrifice and struggle.

Born of wealth, veterinarian Tate Prescott Brown has come to the dust of Saskatchewan’s rural Qu’Appelle District to find independence and take possession of his farm—Eva’s farm. Now, in an effort to solve a legal misunderstanding, Tate faces a sacrifice and struggle of his own: to do what he thinks is right by Eva ... or what’s right for his heart.


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