Sunday, February 15, 2009

Post V-Day Contest!

Want to win a free e-book? Then make me laugh! Post your funniest date story for a chance to win a PDF copy of All For An Angel. Contest ends Saturday Feb 21. So post those stories. 18+ only.


  1. On our first date, my husband went to Shoney's for the seafood buffet. They had cheese grits on the bar and I asked him if he ate grits. In the most serious voice I've ever heard, he said "not these grits." He had spooned some up and they were stiff and chunky. I just died laughing at him.


  2. I had invited my then-friend and to-be-husband over for dinner one night. We were watching the X-files and discussing David Duchovney in his infamous speedo...Mr. Scott says "I have some speedos in the car. Want to see me in them?" My curiosity piqued, I said sure. So, he goes to the car and then to the bathroom. After about five minutes, he comes out into the living room wearing...speedo goggles. And after all this time being married, he still makes me laugh.

  3. I was in Italy during my junior year in college and my girlfriend and I went out to eat and met some guys. They were most persistent and we arranged a date with them the next night at 6. Walking home, we were followed by some more guys, we went and had a drink with them but we could not rid of them. So we arranged a date for the next day at 7. Arriving back at the hotel, we were invited to dinner by one of the men working there. Somehow they opened the kitchen for our second dinner, he would no take no. HE chased us through the hotel and caught us int he landing. Apparently he thought a kiss would get himsomething. We wound up putting him off until 8 the next evening. We checked out bright and early the next day and ran from town.

  4. Love your header, Jasmine. :D

    When I was first dating the man who became my hubby, he took me to a bowling alley to teach me how to bowl. He is an avid bowler, and was hoping to get me interested in the game (no such luck).

    On the approach, he was lecturing me on how to take a stance, how to approach the lane, how to bring the ball back behind his back...

    He lost his footing. The ball went flying backwards towards the lobby (thank goodness there weren't that many people who had to duck), and hunny landed hard on his tailbone. I was laughing so much, it was difficult to give him the attention he needed to soothe his bruised pride, not to mention his butt.