Monday, January 5, 2009

Schedule for January

Okay, I'm a bit late on this, but I have been thinking, (scary thing I know) about what to blog about. As I said before, I'm going to try to stay on a schedule for this. Schedules and me don't mix, so this will be a challenge. Now, if you want to talk about deadlines, well I can meet them, but a schedule? That's another ballgame.

So, to try and make this easier on me, instead of blogging on a different topic each day of the week (ex. Monday's=Man Candy) I'm going to go by the day of the month. I'll see if that works out better.

I plan to make this blog about my writing/writing and I hope it will interest readers and writers. But, since I am a human, I also plan to put my personality into it as well and share some about myself. You might read the scheduled list and wonder how that topic has to do with writing. Well, it probably doesn't, but it has to do with me.

So, on with the schedule.

1. Goals for the month (I know it passed this month already.)

2. Book trailer- Marital Affair by Jasmine Black (I know, this too has passed.)

3. Monthly schedule (I'll try to get on the 3rd from now on)

7. Author's web page

10. Writing resources (yes, this is more for writers)

13. Fibro and me (I am one of the lucky out of an estimated 10 million American with fibromyalgia.)

16. Book trailer

20. Book review

24. Eye catching cover art (This will be a cover art that grabs my attention. After all, it is my blog, so I better like the cover art I post.)

27. Green idea

30/31. Update on monthly goals

The list is what I am going to try to achieve. But it does not mean I won't post a random blog between these dates.

Again, if you would like me to list your book trailer, website, book review, or writing resource page, shoot me an email at .


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